„Many cultures, one technology. Robotics as a platform to exchange experience during the common action”

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Meeting in ESTONIA - Tallinn, 2nd - 8th February 2014


Nõmme tee 32
13426 Tallinn


  • Lukas Šimoliūnas
  • Dalius Tamašauskas
  • Jurgita Bakanaitė
  • Austėja Marija Kimbartaitė
  • Aleksander Rogala
  • Piotr Klukoszowski
  • Aleksander Patschek
  • Vitor Faria
  • Tiago Silva
  • Augusto D'Alessandro
  • Federico Cerletti
  • Paolo Chignoli
  • Simone Vazzoler
  • Pedro Bestard Reus
  • Galo Javier Cid Duran
  • Dainius Levanas
  • Ieva Bastiené
  • Ruta Krikstopaitiené
  • Grzegorz Postrzech
  • Paweł Pawleta
  • Marian Sosna
  • Gil Nunes
  • Judite Adães
  • Alfredo Boccasile
  • Andrea Cannarozzi
  • María José Baena Morata
  • Maria Montserrat Cueto Garcia
  • Ester Martinez


02/02/2014 Sunday

  • Transfer of Lithuanian students from bus station to school/teachers to hotel.
  • Transfer of Polish students from the airport to school/teachers to hotel.
  • Transfer of Portugal students from bus station to school/teachers to hotel.
  • Transfer of Spanish students from bus station to school/teachers to hotel.
  • Transfer of Italian students from bus station to school/teachers to hotel.
  • Dinner

03/02/14 Monday (Lithuanian Day)
  • Welcome at school.
  • Bus ride to centre, walking tour in old town.
  • Bus trip around old town, seaside, Tallinn TV Tower.
  • Lunch at Amps cafe Pirita
  • Discussion and presentations:
    • Internet and fixing things via internet - IT development and its future. Estonian students and teachers talk over system of electronic communication. Students learn the possibilities of IT systems (addressed to society) and wonder about and discuss the future, vision of a society closed at home (all things can be fixed via Internet).
    • Tallinn as a home to NATO's main research centre for cyber defence – lecture, threats and the methods of prevention in a network.
    • Estonia and Lithuania as examples of the republics gaining independence after the Soviet Union regime. Students learn the history about the Soviet Union disintegration, the decline of the communism and society's struggle to be independent nation.
  • Dinner.

  • 04/02/14 Tuesday (Spanish Day)
    • School: Short presentation about countries, FLL and our robotics tasks, making teams.
    • Trip to centre.
    • Bus visit to marine museum, Titanic exhibition.
    • Lunch at Lido Restaurant.
    • Two museums (Bastion caves/Kiek in the Kök Tower and Occupation Museum) - giving an overview of Estonia history. The permanent exposition of the Occupation Museum, which was opened in 2003, reflects developments in Estonia from 1940 to 1991, when Estonia was alternately occupied by the Soviet Union, Germany, and by the Soviet Union again.
    • Bowling for all (guests and hosts).
    • Dinner.

    • 05/02/14 Wednesday (Portugal Day)
      • Welcome at school.
      • Students visit lessons, teachers work.
      • Students do robotics, teachers work (Technical students show the sensors they built to the younger partners and teach them how to use the devices. Constructing robots in order to use all the sensors that have been developed and analysed.)
      • Lunch at school.
      • Visiting Technical University Robotics department.
      • Crosscountry skiing.
      • Back at school.
      • Dinner.

      • 06/02/14 Thursday (Polish Day)
        • Students do robotics, Teachers’ work (Connection of designed sensors to the system and program it. Students of general education schools supported by their colleagues from the technical ones learn the basis of practical programming languages e.g. NXC, RobotC.)
        • Presentation about Estonian school robotics.
        • Lunch at school.
        • Students do robotics, Teachers work.
        • Dinner.

        • 07/02/14 Friday (Italian Day)
          • Students do robotics, Teachers’ work, robotics competition (students work in age-mixed groups building and programming robots carried out the task specified).
          • Lunch at school.
          • Transfer of Polish students/teachers to the airport.
          • Free afternoon.
          • Transfer of Lithuanian students/teachers bus station.
          • Dinner.

          • 08/02/14 Saturday
            • Transfer of Spanish students/teachers to the airport.
            • Transfer of Portugal students/teachers to the airport.
            • Special tour for Italian teachers and students by our school Italian language class students and teacher.

            • 09/02/14 Sunday
              • Transfer of Italian students/teachers to the airport.

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Author: Darek Bujak - Poland
Project and Design: Darek Bujak & Michał Perka - Poland

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