„Many cultures, one technology. Robotics as a platform to exchange experience during the common action”

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Meeting in SPAIN - Inca, 4th – 10th May 2014


Carrer de Joan Miró, 22
07300 Inca, Islas Baleares


  • Lukas Simoliunas
  • Martynas Kaciulis
  • Paulina Bartocha
  • Marta Błażejewicz
  • Jakub Stanek
  • Diogo Daniel Freitas Ribeiro
  • José Filipe Peixoto
  • Filipa Raquel Oliveira Fernandes
  • Sara Malacrida
  • Andrea Verri
  • Silver Miller
  • Maria Brigitta Mones
  • Sten-Egert Neem
  • Dainius Levanas
  • Ieva Bastiené
  • Ruta Krikstopaitiené
  • Grzegorz Postrzech
  • Ewelina Krysiak-Roykiewicz
  • Katarzyna Bielecka
  • Gil Nunes
  • Florbela Salazar
  • Maria di Sameiro Ribeiro
  • Alfredo Boccasile
  • Anna Boschetti
  • Lauri Vilibert
  • Mart Usin
  • Natalja Sinjukina
  • Katrin Tuul


02/05/2014 Friday

  • Estonian group arrival.
  • Dinner.

03/05/2014 Saturday
  • Lithuanian group arrival.
  • Dinner.

04/05/2014 Sunday
  • Polish and Italian groups arrival.
  • Portuguese group arrival.
  • Dinner.

05/05/2014 Monday
  • Welcome meeting at school (introduction, agenda).
  • Robotic tasks and activities for students (workshop) - discovering, testing, writing programs and building robots to use the “rotation sensor”. Thanks to this sensor students learn to better control the motors (muscles) of the robots.
  • Teachers’ meeting. Presentation of the dictionary.
  • Lunch.
  • Lessons with Spanish teachers - thanks to participation in socio-cultural activities led by teachers of Spanish, English, history, civics, geography, sport).
  • Come back home (students).
  • Teachers’ meeting: work on final report.
  • Welcome activities / party and dinner.

06/05/2014 Tuesday
  • Meeting at school.
  • Visit to Alcudia city.
  • Sea activities (kayaking, coastering).
  • Lunch.
  • Sea activities (coastering, kayaking,).
  • Dinner.

07/05/2014 Wednesday
  • Visit the robotic department of the University of Iles Baleares.
  • Visit to the Bellver Castle.
  • Lunch - typical Mallorca's food
  • Visit to the Cathedral.
  • Visit to Almudaina Palace.
  • Dinner.

08/05/2014 Thursday
  • Robots activity (UIB) for teachers and students (workshop) - constructing robots in order to use all the sensors that have been developed and analysed. Connection of designed sensors to the system and program it. Students of general education schools supported by their colleagues from the technical ones learn the basis of practical programming languages e.g. NXC, RobotC. Teams consisting of students from different countries use their knowledge gained during the project in general competition connected with building a robot that accomplished a task assigned from the teacher.
  • Visit Inca's Market (Dijous).
  • Visit to Shoes Museum.
  • Lunch for teachers and students.
  • Discussion: ICT as a real method of communication. Presentation of the use of new technology in order to be permanently connected to mainland (methods of data transmission, bandwidth, tools, devices, additional power supplies, infrastructure, etc).
  • Students: questionnaire about the meeting.
  • Teachers finish tasks.
  • Dinner.

09/05/2014 Friday
  • Robot's activities for students (workshop)
  • Discussion: Reflection and discussion on the World of robots. Students wonder about totally automated works (there’s no need to work, people lie on the beaches e.g. in Mallorca doing nothing, life-span holidays). Does it make sense? Do we work only for money? The group of students makes an article as a summary.
  • Teachers’ work – documentation.
  • Free afternoon.
  • Polish group departure.
  • Dinner.

10/05/2014 Saturday
  • Estonian group departure.
  • Lithuanian group departure.
  • Italian group departure.

11/05/2014 Sunday
  • Portuguese group departure.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Author: Darek Bujak - Poland
Project and Design: Darek Bujak & Michał Perka - Poland

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