„Many cultures, one technology. Robotics as a platform to exchange experience during the common action”

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Meeting in LITHUANIA - Lekėčiai, 6th – 11th May 2013


Pusyno 8
LT-71225 Lekėciai, Sakiai District


  • Alin Moldovan
  • Andres Gassiar
  • Gabriel Riutort
  • Jaume Sanchez
  • Adam Bloch
  • Andrzei Karbowski
  • Jakub Farys
  • Marzena Kaźmierowska
  • Mateusz Zawadzki
  • Michał Kusiak
  • Andrzej Planetorz
  • Syntia Kołodziej
  • Alvaro Manuel Mendel de Silva
  • Marcia Isabel Salgado Pacheco
  • Ricardo Gomes Pinto
  • Daniele Landolfi
  • Mauro Bargzahi
  • Roberto Moriggi
  • Gert Lill
  • Annely Lõhmus
  • Antonio Kass
  • Silvia Pertens
  • Marleen Adama
  • María José Baena Morata
  • Maria Montserrat Cueto Garcia
  • Ester Martinez
  • Grzegorz Postrzech
  • Paweł Pawleta
  • Grzegorz Kiełtyka
  • Gil Nunes
  • Verónica Silva
  • Alfredo Boccasile
  • Maurizio Conti
  • Jana Koks
  • Ilotana Haalen


06/05/2013 Monday

  • Arrival of Portuguese group.
  • Arrival of Italian group.
  • Arrival of Estonian group.

07/05/2013 Tuesday
  • Arrival of Polish group.
  • Arrival of Spanish group.
  • Welcome at school. Introduction. Agenda of the visit, to do list.
  • Visiting school.
  • Robotics (workshop): older students guide younger ones - Discovering, testing, writing programs and building robots to use the “light sensor”.
  • Lunch at school.
  • Robotics (workshop): older students guide younger ones - Use of the “light sensor” itself and constructing robots to use light, touch and sound sensor altogether. Students work together and present Robotics results to other students and to teachers (technical blocks)
  • Dinner.

08/05/2013 Wednesday
  • Visit to the old capital of Lithuania–Trakai, with the ancient Castle built on the island of the lake. Students will be introduced to the history, statehood and state-building of Lithuania.
  • Lunch.
  • Excursion in Vilnius (Gediminas Castle, University of technology).
  • Dinner.

09/05/2013 Thursday
  • The museum of M. K. Čiurlionis - famous Lithuanian artist and composer. Students will see the wonderful paintings and listen to the enchanting music created by this outstanding artist.
  • Visit to Devil’s Museum - collecting and exhibiting sculptures and carvings of devils and witches from all over the world.
  • Lunch.
  • Visit to Rumšiškės – the folk museum.
  • Dinner in Mega (the shopping mall).

10/05/2013 Friday
  • Robotics workshops (for students) – preparing constructions to the competition.
  • Discussion: Professional sport (weight lifting, strongmen competition, boxing) and its connection with health, anatomy, drugs. Where are the limits of human endurance? Students learn the danger of some kind of sport going in for without professional coach. Examples of bad approach towards sport. The group of students makes an article as a summary.
  • Evaluation, paper work, debate (only for teachers).
  • Evaluation of the visit (on-line questionnaire).
  • Lunch.
  • Robotics (for students) – robots competition
  • Departure of Estonian group.
  • Dinner.
  • Departure of Polish group.

11/05/2013 Saturday
  • Departure of Spanish group.
  • Departure of Portuguese group.
  • Departure of Italian group.
  • Departure of Italian group.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Author: Darek Bujak - Poland
Project and Design: Darek Bujak & Michał Perka - Poland

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